Career Path Advice From Brian Luwi Hausa

Due to public demand, our today’s story features the famous Brian Ogana popularly known as Sir Luwi Hausa a stage name derived from his character as the son of the Hausas in drama Maria aired on Citizen TV every weekday from 7:30pm.

This article will not focus on his involvement in Maria drama but on how the youth can be the best versions of themselves in this very competitive economy. Facts based on him as an example will help you understand why A students work for B and C students.

Career Path

Most people especially those who watch the Maria drama only know Luwi as the best Groomed and romantic lover to Maria which is true to them but that is as far as the drama is concerned. Brian is more than just that. In real life, Luwi is a husband and father of two (a Son and daughter). He keeps his family life so private that nobody can easily guess and so we won’t dig deeper into it. His Instagram account shows us more about him.

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He pursued Computer Engineering. A course he says was forced onto him. First mistake parents and guardians usually make. They don’t give their kids a chance to make decisions about what they really want to become in life and that is why today you meet people who graduated in some courses doing jobs so different from the course they pursued. Below is a post Luwi made in 2018. He shares how he switched from his career to his passion.

Luwi Brian Ogana when he had switched from computer engineering to journalism

(One day I will tell my story…) Once upon a time, when I took a drastic shift from a career that was forced down my throat (Computer engineering) to something that I truly loved (Journalism) not knowing the path it might lead me,most of my “friends” and “family members” (using the quotes deliberately coz they no longer count in my life} thought i was crazy with no future,but MEN!!!

This picture is just a reminder of what one can posses once you put your mind to it. It reminds me of an employer who took a gamble in me,and saw the burning passion inside me,with no media background at all…story for another day. I look back to some of the decisions I made and I have no regrets nor apologies to make. I am reminded by the great book that it’s Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost; Which He shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior; That being justified by His grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life. (Titus 3:5-7)
When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed abundance.



Free Advice to any University Graduates who had sent applications to organizations/companies:

Don’t wait for any appointment letter this year or any time soon.

Think of doing something to keep you going with life even if it means something so different from the course you pursued. It will save you big time.

  1. Find Your Passion
    • Do a background check on what you’re passionate about. Don’t do it because you have seen people do it and succeed in it. Make sure you love it and no matter the challenges that may come up, you will be ready to stand up to the task of enriching your enthusiasm.
  2. Find A Mentor
    • Find someone who has achieved what you want to do. You need to also know their journey to where they are today. Many people fail not because they are not good enough for the task but because they focus on being where their mentors are right now instead of learning how they got where they are. For example, a student in form 3 sent me a DM asking how she can be featured in Maria and and insisted that she was good enough while another asked how to own suits like mine. What they forgot is that I didn’t start where I am now. Truth be told, nobody starts where you see them today.
  3. Stay Committed
    • The hardest part of anything is always at the beginning. It may take a while before you get what you want. Keep going because if you stop and quit then you will have wasted your time to even have started.
    • Nobody said it’s going to be easy because if it were easy, then everyone could have made it.
  4. Focus On One Item At A Time
    • Don’t be a jerk of all traits. Just choose an item and make it a success before you think of something else. Those people you see mult tasking, if you ask them, you will find that they focused on one thing to completion before starting another.
  5. Be Prayerful
    • All the goals you want, put them before your Creator. He Blesses those who entrust in Him. He will make a way because He is the way.
  6. Be Results Oriented. Build Your Brand

In this current situation when COVID-19 is really eating up our economy, so many people have lost their jobs and the worst is expected if the trends continue this way. Therefore, we don’t have any option but find available sources of income. There are a few opportunities that can one can start with no Initial experience nor expertise because trainings are offered.

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You must have seen posts on Social media platforms especially on Facebook but as usual, you scroll past. It’s time you had a second thought about how you can be part of the people doing online work because they haven been affected by the pandemic. People are still making a lot of money while at home.

A student at the University of Nairobi.
Quit her Ksh 25,000 monthly to join online work. Her current weekly income

For professional guidance on how to work online, CLICK HERE

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