Crowd1 Exposed – Don’t Join Crowd1 Before You Read This

Happy new month of October 2020. I hope you are well. As we dive into the last quarter of the year, we need to find out how close we are to our goals and resolutions that we set in January while calling this our year, huh!

Corona virus epidemic came and most of us said this is not a year to achieve any goals but just to survive. We all know how many people have lost jobs, some have been granted pay cuts which they are okay with because they feel like they are doing better than those who unfortunately, lost it all.

Still in the same year of 2020, We have people who are building or buying homes for their families, some are buying their dream cars, starting multi-million projects and businesses and you wonder, are we breathing the same air or what is it some people do that others don’t.

Lately, there is this business opportunity that is trending globally. The business is currently in over 177 countries worldwide. It is confusing so many people who have lost their jobs and incomes how members are earning up to Ksh 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 or even half a million and more every single day. These are amounts a common Kenyan citizen cannot relate to because we have fixed mindsets of GOING TO SCHOOL, GET GOOD GRADES, GET A JOB AND START A FAMILY. The education system has belittled people’s ability to think beyond job search and that is why today, you offer someone an opportunity that can change their financial positions, they tell you how they need a job related to their career goals!

There is this application called Crowd1. It’s a year and 8 months old. It has a population of 11,000,000 members who have decided to venture and make their goals to come true. The business pays huge amounts of money till common citizens think it’s too good to be true but guess what, they are only small minded people who judge everything based on opinions of others. They are the same people you ask for Ksh 1000, they tell you how their salaries have been slashed but wouldn’t want to open up for ideas.

You may have gotten in contact with publications about the business warning you not to join but guess what, you will remain as broke as the publisher whose work is to make sure you remain in the same position as both of you are.

I will tell you for free, that today the world is changing so fast that if you don’t adjust your life to be in line with the changes, you will be the only one working the hardest but earning the least. Crowd1 is a legitimate business that delivers its payments as per the pay plan. Never should you call an opportunity a Scam just because you don’t understand how it works. The first thing you should do is find someone who is in the business, let the person explain to you how it works then from there you can decide to join or not but just do that one favour to yourself and your future self will thank you for that.

Below are some of the achievements that I managed to get photos of. We have so many globally and in Kenya but of course, I may not be able to post the achievements of the 11,000,000 members.


Monday 28th Sept Income
Ksh 20,000 on Wednesday

Ksh 35,000 and Ksh 20,000 withdraws for 2 days makes it 55,000 in 2 days. Would still call it a scam? If you ever want to achieve anything in this life, find someone who has succeeded in what you want to do, follow what they did to be where they are and you will be where they are now.

I have been in the business for a while now and I love the fact that I took a leap of faith when most people were very negative. Today, they ask me to help them with cash and I always ask myself, how do they expect something they called scam to help them pay rent now!

If interested in the business, send me a message or call me on +254729833983 for guidance.

Make the remaining 90 days of 2020 count.
Message from the CEO and founder of the company while in South Africa in Feb 2020

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