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Welcome to an online presentation on how to work with CROWD 1 online business opportunity. This is the opportunity that will change your life for the best you never thought of.


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Crowd1 is an application whose mission is to be the leading advertising and marketing platform. It is basically working towards creating a market place where buyers and sellers will link up. We can have it compared to Jumia, Alibaba, Amazon and Facebook where someone manufactures or produces items that is supposed to be bought by a client that they even don’t know exist. On the other hand, you have a potential buyer who doesn’t know where to get an item so the platform will help connect the two.


Crowd1 has partner companies called AffilGo and Miggster which are involved in online gaming and entertainment industry. Crowd1 I therefore meant to help the two companies create a network of people who will be part of the subscribers of the digital services.

Watch the video below. Make sure you are in a quiet place to be able to listen to the sound clearly and proceed with reading the presentation.


  1. Investor or Share Holder
  2. Affiliate or networker

How To Earn As A Shareholder or Investor

This is for people who have very busy schedules. Unlike other companies where the only mode of earning is recruitment, crowd1 gives you a chance to invest with us and earn dividends paid back quarterly. The amount you make will be determined by the number of shares you own in the company.


  1. The Fear Of Loss
  2. The Binary Bonus
  3. The Matching Bonus in
  4. The Streamline Bonus
  5. Residue Income From The 3rd Parties i.g Affilgo And Miggster


The company knows that so many people have lost money online so the company tells you if you join within your first 14 days bring 4 people

Payments For Fear of Loss
  1. If you join with 99€ you bring 4 people joining with 99€ you get paid 125€ that’s (multiply by your country exchange rate to €)
  1. If you join with 299€ you bring 4 people joining with 299€ you get paid €375
  2. If you join with 799€ you bring 4 people joining with 799€ you get paid 1000€
  3. If you join with 2499€ you bring 4 people joining with 2499€ you earn 3000€

2. Binary Bonus

Education Package Sales Bonus

Get instant rewards when an Affiliate choose to purchase an Educational package through your referral link!

White Package


Binary Bonus

€18 up to €36

Black Package


Binary Bonus

€54 up to €108

Gold Package


Binary Bonus

€144 up to €288

Titanium Package


Binary Bonus

€450 up to €900

This is how it works

Each new sale gives you a different amount depending on their package and your imbalanced points in the left / right binary leg. You need 1 personally sponsored member with a paid package in each leg to get payments activated.

Crowd1 has the most generous binary of all time! You will get paid in full on 1/1 balance, on 1/2 balance and even on 1/3 balance!

New affiliates with you as their sponsor will be placed in your Left or Right leg in the binary structure. You can choose your preferred placement to balance your legs at the Account Settings page.

Bonus payouts are made in real time, as soon as payment is made, binary bonus is paid out! In order to be qualified for this bonus, you must have balance – at least 1 member in each leg, and points within 1 / 3 balance in both legs to maximise your bonus. For example, if You have 1000 points in your left leg and 4600 points in your right leg, you will get 1000 + 3000 points paid out and 1600 points remaining in your right leg.

That’s how we earn the binary bonuses

3. Matching Bonuses

This is a bonus you earn based on your team earnings. It’s paid at 10% of each member earnings do for you to earn more money on this option, you need to HELP YOUR TEAM MAKE MORE MONEY to increase your own thus calling for team work.

Assuming you have a team of only 100 people comprising of Direct referrals and team referrals and each member of your team makes averagely €1000 monthly, you will earn 10% of €1000 × 100 = €10,000 Monthly but it will not be a consistent figure since the team may make more.

4. Stream Line Bonus

This one is paid to all active members and grows with time. You may start at €2.5 and grows weekly

5. Long Term Residual Income.

This just denotes the amount of money one has made so far with the company. It also gives you the ranking on the site so if helps track your progress and plan for the future.

  • Starter – someone who just purchased a new membership package
  • Team Leader – Has earned about Ksh 70,000
  • Cordinator – Earned about Ksh 270,000
  • Manager – Earned about Ksh 6 Million
  • Director – Earned Ksh 25 Million
  • President – Earned over Ksh 75 Million
  • Senior President
  • Ambassador

Crowd1 Testimonials

Before anyone invests in any opportunity, we always want to know if there are any persons who have joined the business and made money yet and so here we come to the part you will ask why you never started the business the first time you knew about it.

The money is withdrawn to any bank of your choice

More testimonials will be uploaded in due time….

Based on the above information, you need to realize that you are the only one who can determine how your future looks like. The next step is getting back to the person who sent you the link this presentation so that he or she can guide you through the process of signing up and purchasing a package of your choice.


Get back to the person who sent you the link to this presentation and ask them for their referral link so that you can be able to create an account. Secondly, download the Crowd1 App from Play store so that you can log into your account. Choose a package you want to start with and activate either using bank or gift codes. A gift code is a serial number generated by a member who has Euros in their accounts and all you need to do is send them an amount equivalent to the package you are paying for.


You can withdraw your money from the app to your bank account, through gift codes or bitcoin!

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