How To Make Over Ksh 20,000 Weekly Using A Smartphone

Today, in our weekly feature of members who are excelling in online work, we share a story of Ms Virginia Bwire who is a very committed person in this venture.

I am Virginia Bwire. Am an IT graduate from TuK – Nairobi. Like anyone else, I grew up in a neighborhood where our parents and the society believe that the only way to succeed in life is:

  1. Going to school
  2. Getting good grades
  3. Getting a good/well paying job
  4. Living a nice lifestyle.

This is TRUE and yes it happens to SOME people who will tell you how education has made them the people they are today. But, looking at the larger population, education is still the key 🗝 to success only that the padlock 🔒 was changed. We have so many graduates languishing in poverty, not because they didn’t go to school and got this good grades, but because they have no GODFATHERS to help them get those desires jobs.

I was in the same situation. After completion of my studies, I dropped my CV all over with hopes of a good job. It took me 6 months to start thinking about alternative ways of making money. I was just a fresh graduate with no money to start a business. No loaning organizations could give me a loan with no bank statements and guarantors.

As I was doing my normal stuff of scrolling through peoples times lines on Facebook, I bumped into a post made by one of my cousins called Thadeus Bwire.

His average income.
Online work pays.

I remembered he had invited me to one of their trainings about online work which I didn’t attend with the obvious excuse of I was busy with school work. I gave him a call and true to his word, he still invited me to a training. I attended and WOW! What had I been missing out on!

I decided to get started in the business immediately because I could relate to this opportunity since I only needed:

  1. Smartphone – which I had
  2. Internet connection
  3. Readiness to Learn
  4. Commitment

The members were well dressed, welcoming, eloquent and ready to assist beginners like me get the skills.

In my first month, I made Ksh 10,000. It grew gradually and as we speak, I can say I am not looking for any employer at all. I just want to focus on this business, I get enough capital to invest in another business related to my career/course.

I know you have heard/read stories about online jobs or work being SCAMS, you are not alone. I was there but when I saw 9thrrs earning, I decided to give it a benefit of doubt. Today I don’t think of the good jobs anymore, I just want to be a JOB CREATOR NOT SEEKER

Weekly income so far. Monthly is Ksh 80,000

Currently my income has grown to about Ksh 20,000 weekly which is Ksh 80,000 monthly. So whoever tells you that this is a scam, then I must say this scam is a wonderful one because it pays its members. Whatever the name you want to call it, you just work with us, it will pay.


We are offering FREE 🆓 trainings for everyone who is interested in this opportunity. All you need to do is be coachable and ready to implement what you learn. If interested in this opportunity, CLICK HERE

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