Meet First Class Degree Holder Who Quit Teaching To Work Online Now Making Over Ksh 270,000 Monthly

In 2014, Jackie  graduated from the university of Nairobi with a first class degree honor in Education. This made her future look more brighter and promising…

She immediately went to the job market with her shoulders high thinking that her grades will speak a million words even before she opened her mouth. She was wrong!

“I searched for a job in top companies and government institutes tirelessly. The issue of dropping CV’s each day became part of my life.I would have wished for (more), but I didn’t have otherwise. The search for an executive job was now becoming a nightmare ”

Nevertheless, she hoped that her first job would pave way to making her first step to becoming an ‘educated millionaire’….. Little did she know that nearly some years later she would still be a million steps away from the success she wanted in life.
Jackie had a feeling deep in her that she wanted to become more in life and achieve great results.
The society also had great hopes and expectations from her as a graduate.Her family appeared to be losing confidence with her education since all they could hear her say is she was broke.

Jackie was employed as a teacher making Sh20, 000 monthly. Good cash as you may think. This was her gross income.After paying taxes, helb loan and other deductions,what landed in her bank account was about sh12,000 every month. A Graduate earning an income far much close to what a form four drop out would make on a bad month. Life sucked!.
“I would pay rent,buy food and pay transport and by date 10 of the following month I would be totally broke. I hated being an employee.”

While she had the option of looking for a better employment and depending on the safety of a bigger monthly salary, Jackie was determined to quit her job and be her own boss.She still held to the fact that she need to be a job creator rather then a job seeker.


Towards the end of 2014, the 32 YR OLD begun contemplating on how to quit her job “The employment field had been struggling to break even; I had to accept it wasn’t going to make me a millionaire and move on to something new,” she says.

“In Early 2015, I was invited to attend an online business seminar conducted by Global internet fortunes in Nairobi,I saw the Big Business Opportunity with and Joined Immediately “. She decided to jump ship to the business immediately.” I was motivated to start the business since I met very young online entrepreneurs aged between 20-35 yrs who were achieving great results from the business.” “I managed to build my business with the training from the company and by the end of the month, my income was Sh21, 000,” she says”

The following month, she made Sh32, 000 in commission. In the third month, her income climbed to Sh 40, 000. Soon, she began to earn between Sh 50, 000 and Sh100, 000 per month. “I sometimes doubted my income. In my previous engagement as an employee, I had never made such money with no liabilities to offset,” she says.

4years after venturing into internet marketing, she has never looked back. The potential with her online business is soo huge and its a great venture for anyone who feels that he/she wants more from life.

Currently, Jackie’s business is growing bigger and bigger and soon she is positive that she is going to be an online self made millionaire

In her journey to making her first million, Jackie says she learned to never lose focus of her goal.

“I want to make my own million. And although my career changed from an employee to an online business lady , my goal remains the same.” She adds that many other women fail in their attempts to becoming millionaires due to their own poverty mentality.

“Many of us are driven by the ‘What if I fail?” fear factor! We hardly stop to take a look at the other side and ask ourselves,

‘What if I succeed? What do I need to do to succeed?”

Look out for opportunities. Attend empowerment workshops/seminars that will open up your mind and broaden your scope.


Don’t sit back and be content with a few thousands while a million sits somewhere waiting for you!”..
Currently Jackie is averaging an income of approx 68,000 every week making 272,000 every month.
This is a great achievement at her age and she believes more is coming.
See the screenshot above of her weekly income. More young individuals are making huge income some working part time and others on a full time basis.

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