Teacher Who Retired Below Age 25 Earning Millions Online

My name is Alex Macharia , and this is my story. 💰Now achieving my Goals via GIF E-Commerce Platform. I never saw this coming. Let me share  my story,

“Am Alex Macharia a teacher & an Accountant by profession though I have never taught in anyone’s class or practiced my accounting skills.

3 years ago, I was actively looking for an Opportunity that could earn me at least Ksh 10,000 monthly, I was open to any chance that came my way and I attended some trainings held by the Leading Online Marketing Company in Kenya and Africa – GLOBAL INTERNET FORTUNES also known as GIF and I made up my mind to Start the business.


Before i joined the business, was still a broke campus student.


The kind of lifestyle i was living before i got to know about online work. Life was so frustrating 😤 even to get pocket money 💵 as a student was a big deal to get, but Thank God i was introduced to this amazing opportunity. 

When I began I faced a lot of Rejection from my Family members and Friends but One thing that gave me confidence was Registration details of GIF under Company’s act 486

GIF Registration Numbers and you can do your own verification from any huduma center and KRA office
Kenic certificate
GIF awards from KENIC for being the top domain Registrar of the year.

Secondly I Believed in myself and I knew what exactly I wanted to achieve in Life.


Some few months in the business 

As a beginner, my income was around 30-40K monthly but as I progressed,


my income grew bigger and bigger. In 2018, I got My First Car a BRAND NEW SUBARU IMPREZA KCQ 828H and by the way you can do your own verification from NTSA.

My First car courtesy of Online works

This could have taken me 10-15 years to achieve I was teaching but it has taken me only 3 Years in GIF. This is just the beginning. I Believe we have lots of potential to exploit with internet and am ready to go all the way. Remember The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.


with my Business partners,

⭕🚩My Appreciation  goes to my my CEO Kimathi Kamunde for coming up with such a lucrative opportunity and helping me in implementing it. 🎉💪Great Appreciation to Evans Munene Mutea for his daily support and guidance. 🎆💪Wont forget my close Friend and business partner Thadeus Bwire for great insight in my Journey to greatness.🥇🎁

Two great people I cant forget is Our Able CEO Mr Kimathi Kamundeh and Madam Essy Kim for giving us the online platform that is changing Lives of Young ambitious People across the world. 🙏💪Special Thanks to my family in believing in me through online Work .🗣️👑A big Appreciation to all my Team members for believing in Me and for your outstanding Performance. I love you all.✈

To return the favor, we are giving you a chance also to join our team and transform your life in the shortest time you never thought of.

🛑CALL/SMS/ WHATSAPP Mr Thadeus Bwire on 0729833983 FOR GUIDANCE  let us help you MAKE an extra ksh 5,000 to Ksh 15,000 on a weekly basis as you begin Part-Time or Kshs 40,000- 60,000 weekly as most of our TOP Earners working Full-time.


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